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since 1997

Chef Christopher Halpin is the owner of manna catering & events.  An instructor at The Cookbook Company Cooks since 1997, he quickly became one of Calgary’s most popular chefs. He has contributed to an internationally distributed cookbook, is regularly quoted in local newspapers, and has written articles for food and lifestyle magazines. As well, he has also been a keynote speaker, on the topic of The Value of Food as a Healing Force.


Chris brings to the table a fresh take on international cuisine fused with French cookery techniques. Whether it’s a family gathering, a corporate function, or a wedding, the food is always approachable, with bright, clean flavours. All food served is from original recipes.


Chris will create a menu specific to your event, will have an event coordinator, professional chefs, bartenders and/or servers at your function as required.


We will not charge a mandatory gratuity for your event.


mastery behind the menus
and event offerings

manna catering & events


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