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events, weddings, tents & décor  

At manna we can help you create that dynamic environment, whether it is in your home, in a corporate setting or at an off-site venue.


We are a one stop!


We are pleased to offer expert advice and assistance when planning your event, and can take care of all the arrangements whether a corporate or private event, wedding or celebration of life.


Working within your budget, we are equipped to take care of everything on your special wedding day from exceptional catering of course, to a professional photographer, make-up artist, limousine service, DJ or live music, a florist for flower bouquets, button holes and centre pieces, special lighting and room decor etc.  We can even arrange a bagpiper to lead the bridal party down the aisle! Altogether we will help you create an unforgettable wedding.


Tents are a wonderful and romantic way to enlarge a space, ensuring that your guests and your event will be protected from the elements. We have access to Calgary’s largest selection of tents that are professionally installed and insured. They will come in and determine where the best and safest place is to place them. Add in flooring, lighting, heaters, sound systems, lounge areas and let your guests be transported to another world experience.  

manna catering & events


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