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Menu for the 100th Social Media Breakfast Calgary Event

Theme: Hello Past Meet Your Future

at the Historic Memorial Building

This menu has been created to showcase our diverse culinary past, with a new urban twist. The desserts featured in this menu can be found in the Southern Alberta Pioneers cookbook Pioneer Kitchens and is a sweet example of our heritage cookery. The savoury foods are from my original recipes and have been crafted as a roaming tapas breakfast. Featuring foods from some of the lands whose people came as pioneers to Alberta. In turn I have given them an urban twist to create a new type of comfort food, to soothe us into the Future.

stationary table

heritage sweets and fruit display

Sunflower tarts pg.33 [North America]

Finsk Brod pg.74 [Finnish]

Scottish currant buns pg.40 [Scottish]

Old-fashion pound cake pg.51 [English]

tray service

brunch hors d’oeuvres

devilled eggs

garnished with dill and radish

asparagus truffle tartlets

swedish pancakes

with pepper cream cheese and brandy apricots

tomato tarte tartan

with olives and capers

buttermilk biscuits

with smoked salmon and spicy corn relish

raspberry rhubarb cordial

[for the bubbles]

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