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Raspberry Rhubarb Cordial

Rhubarb Raspberry Cordial

It used to be that every household had a rhubarb patch. People used rhubarb in so many ways. One option was a rhubarb cordial as a refreshing summer drink. Rhubarb has the same refreshing tart quality as lemon, but it is so much more available. The great thing about this beverage is that it tastes so refreshing and it is also slimming. It turns out that rhubarb has a chemical compound that actually shrinks your cell tissue.


makes 2 litres

6 c. water

4 c. fresh rhubarb, coarsely chopped

1 ½ c. sugar

2 c. fresh raspberries



In a pot over medium heat, add the water, fresh rhubarb, and sugar, stir until the sugar has fully dissolved. Bring this to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add the raspberries and let steep for 5 minutes more, before straining into a pitcher then, add another handful or so more ice before serving. Makes 9 cups.

Pour yourself a nice tall glass and enjoy it all the more when you see how incredibly healthy rhubarb is.


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